Modernized Route Planning
Plan fleet routes at last and mid mile using flexible cost model, tens of real-world business constraints and high-definition road traffic.
Plan operations at any mile
Fully automated route planning for conventional and electric vehicles. Powerful editor for costs, optimization objectives and constraints.
Minimize total cost of transport operations mixing owned fleet and external carriers with custom transport tariffs.
Fast and dynamic
Plan thousands stops and hundreds routes in minutes. Instant re-optimization for planning in "waves" or on-demand orders.
Unified business logic model with over 100+ business rules, constraints and cost coefficients for last and mid-mile operations.
Packed with real-world constraints
Model any kind of transport operations and business rules with our rich constraints and costs model. Additional constraints and rules are available on request.
Mixed fleets
Variable vehicle costs and support for tariffs to mix owned and 3PL fleets in one cost and route optimization.
PUD mixed with delivery-from-depot and pickup-to-depot. Inventory-aware PUD with automatic loading location selection. Multiple depots support.
EV planning
Plan routes for electric vehicles with recharging constraints. Reduce CO2 with conventional vehicles.
Mixed carried load
Flexible API model to define load categories and restrictions rules for carried load.
Fair workload distribution
Multiple workload balancing modes for a group of vehicles.
Soft operational zones
Ensure high efficiency of field couriers by learning same city zones without sacrificing overall efficiency of route planning.
Dynamic routing rules
Define complex static and dynamic rules and exclusions for vehicle and site compatibility.
Drivers shifts planning
Plan multi-driver roster for vehicle fleet, taking into account drivers availability and accumulated working and rest hours.
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