Targeted Operational Solutions
Advanced AI and tools for transportation managers to remove manual work, increase efficiency of operations and cut the costs of last- and middle-mile logistics.
Power up your transport operations
Connect with existing Transportation Management System and increase efficiency and predictability of your last-mile logistics operations. One integration to support all innovative operational models.
Global coverage
Plan fleet routes in 150+ countries with detailed time-variable road traffic and restrictions.
Unlimited scale
Optimize 500 vehicles and 10000 orders in few minutes. Mix in on-demand orders in seconds.
Packed with features
100+ constraints, costs and rules to cover all kinds of last and mid-mile logistics operations.
Powerful route planning
Choose from tens last-mile operational models and business use cases, with flexible extensions and custom-developed business rules and constraints. Evaluate new operational models, mix and match routing scenarios.
  • Pickup-and-delivery mixed with regular delivery-from-depot or pickup-to-depot;
  • Multiple depots with additional accounting for depot throughput;
  • On-demand orders planning, mixed with any other mode;
  • Third-party and mixed EV/ICE fleets, custom tarifs, driver's shifts, perishable goods, etc.
Seamless route execution
Use data from connected vehicles to track execution of routing plans. Build individual driver's performance models for precise prediction of Time of Arrival, service time and traffic conditions.
  • Driver's performance coefficients for transit speed and service time;
  • Aggregated service time for a location, including parking and building access;
  • Precise Time of Arrival estimation using historical data from your vehicles;
  • Detailed traffic models, created from connected vehicles' GPS tracks
Deep simulation and analysis
Use our route planning simulation and analysis tools to test new operational and cost models, changes in seasonal demand, inclusion of third-party fleets, find optimal depot placement and many other use cases.
  • Tradeoff analysis for multi-target optimization;
  • Executability, risk and cost analysis of routing plans;
  • Post-operational analysis and driver's performance metrics;
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