Streamlining Logistics for Your Business
Founded in 2021, Routinghub has been steadily enhancing transport logistics for companies dealing with last and middle-mile challenges.
Our story
Our Experience: We've worked with a diverse range of fleet operators and transportation service users, pinpointing and solving process inefficiencies. Our custom software solutions integrate smoothly and scale effectively, ensuring optimal performance in logistics operations.

Our Contribution: Through collaborative efforts, we've developed a versatile and efficient route optimization component, improving existing Transportation Management Systems. This service is tailored to enhance the effectiveness of logistics operations.
Our Goal: We aim to simplify intricate logistics tasks for businesses. Our ongoing development of new APIs, models, and customer applications reflects our commitment to evolving and improving our services based on real-world needs.

Our Specialization: We are focused on improving logistics in specific scenarios like mixed pickup-and-delivery, timely delivery, and handling multiple delivery strategies. Our approach includes optimizing based on tariffs, adjusting for traffic conditions, and addressing other specific requirements.
Founding team
Denis Kurilov
Denis is the creative mind behind Routinghub's advanced algorithms and platform. Boasting over 17 years in software engineering, he's honed his skills globally, notably at Yandex.Maps in Russia and with innovative tech startups in New Zealand, Spain and Germany.

His entrepreneurial spirit is highlighted by his successful venture, Novacom Software, later integrated with Yandex.Maps.

When away from the keyboard, Denis cherishes family time, enjoys running, delves into generative architecture and tunes by user18081971.
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